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Todd Dischinger Named Golfer of the Year

Todd Dischinger (right) with NYSGA Executive Director Bill Moore

SDGA President Todd Dischinger has been named the 2023 SDGA Golfer of the Year. Todd was recognized for his seven years of outstanding leadership as President of the Syracuse District Golf Association, in which his hard work and commitment to excellence brought an increased level of professionalism to the association. The award was presented to Todd by NYSGA Executive Director and 2022 SDGA Golfer of the Year Bill Moore.

"It is indeed a great honor to have received the SDGA Golfer of the Year award for 2023. To be nominated and recognized by your peers is always a rewarding experience," Dischinger said.

"Word filtered through the ranks of the players that I was concluding my seventh year as president and moving out of town. Many of the players and fellow board members approached me towards the end of this season, and personally thanked me for the hard work and professionalism that I have been able to give to SDGA championships and events. That makes all the time, effort and sacrifice worth it," he continued. "The SDGA has been a big part of my adult life, and it has been my distinct pleasure to give back just a fraction of what this great association has given to me."

Having been named Golfer of the Year in 2021, Dischinger is the first two-time recipient in the award's 65 year history.


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