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SDGA Amateurs Beat CNY PGA to Take Back Mitchell Cup

The 49th Mitchell Cup took place on October 2nd at Onondaga Golf and Country Club. The annual team event saw the amateurs of the SDGA beat the CNY PGA members 34-14, taking back the Mitchell Cup after the CNY PGA came out on top last year.

In the Modified Alternate Shot morning round, the SDGA won 7-5. SDGA members remained on top the rest of the day, as they won 27-9 in the Four-Ball event.

The SDGA team consisted of Doug DeCarlo (NYSGA eClub), Adam Butch (Beaver Meadows GC), Luke Hobika (Yahnundasis), Jim Hirsh (Yahnundasis), Chris Quilty (Tuscarora GC), Steve Arlukiewicz (Tuscarora GC), Max Dec (Timber Banks GC), Jackson Saroney (Drumlins GC), Brad Monroe (Onondaga G&CC), Kevin Vandenberg (Beaver Meadows GC), Joe Petrin (Lakeshore Yacht & CC), and Connor Wisniewski (Drumlins GC).

Members of the CNY PGA were Rob Phelps, Robbie Phelps, Matthew Jaynes, Kevin Roman, Kevin McCarthy, William Weimer, Mark Tucker, Trey Walewski, Alan Savage, Andy Myers, Eric Manning, and Jeff Reader.

The Mitchell Cup is named in honor of William Mitchell, the former head pro at Onondaga Golf & Country Club.

The CNY PGA still leads the all time series 30-17-1.


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