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A Letter From The President

The 2022 SDGA schedule can be seen above. Registration for all events will open on April 1st at 9am.

The recent boom in golf has been great, but it will affect our SDGA events this year and in the future.

With increased membership at clubs and increased play at public courses, it will be more difficult to get courses for our events. In addition, these clubs may be expecting more in terms of financial gain. We will have to spread out the events to as many different courses as possible. This may mean driving a little farther for some events and not always playing the premier courses. Some of the dates may need to be changed and some events with shotgun starts will need to be changed to straight tee times. Tee times may need to be adjusted to allow host clubs more times for their normal play.

Inflation will affect our events too. Food prices are rising and this will cause an increase in entry fees for some events.

In recent years, virtually all senior players have used a cart as have all players in the Scramble. Therefore this year we have added the cart fee to the entry fee. This will make it easier on the pro shop staffs, tournament chairpersons and also on the players. Carts are mandatory for the Senior Stroke Play, Senior Best Ball and Two Person Scramble. The inaugural SDGA Mid Amateur Championship will also have mandatory carts and will be included in the entry fee.

Under the leadership of our Tournament Director Don Christian, The SDGA Board will continue to strive to offer Central New York golfers the best amateur competition schedule possible.

We are looking forward to another outstanding golf season!

-SDGA President, Todd Dischinger


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